The Rise of Magus is a good-faith attempt at a fan project and original platformer that does not threaten Square Enix's ability to exercise or monetize its intellectual copyright.

The Rise of Magus is not a ROM-hack, mod, or remake of Chrono Trigger. It is an original game with new mechanics, levels, and writing. The game does not attempt to recreate the experience of Chrono Trigger, and is in fact a different gameplay genre entirely.

The game does use sprites that were originally used in Chrono Trigger. These resources were not directly derived by the creator of this game for the purpose of creating this game - they are publicly available online from a variety of websites.

The game includes an original storyline, but one that is based on the character of Magus and which makes reference to the story of Chrono Trigger. In other words, the story is an instance of fanfiction.

It is the honest belief of the creator that this game does not constitute a threat to Square Enix's intellectual properties (or the properties of anyone else who's work was used in the creation of the game). It does not compete with Square Enix's product or hinder the experience of players of Chrono Trigger, and does not capitalize upon the work.

Download Disclaimer

The downloaded provided on this site has been tested and found to be safe. There is no reason it should cause problems of any kind. That said, the creator and webmaster does not claim responsibility if the downloaded file causes a problem. The game is freely available on this site, and no contract is assumed between site visitors who choose to download it and the creator.

The creator grants permission for the game to be freely distributed, but please do not claim the game as your own work. If you are interested in working on some form of mod for the game, contact me.