As part of February Album Writing Month, a friend of mine composed some brilliant 8-bit music, and then jokingly told me I should make a game to accompany it. As it happened, I had some free time that evening, so I did.

The result, about 6 hours later, was Battle at the Castle, a game that challenges your ability to protect a rocking band from scary mouth-monsters atop an ancient castle. You can knock them from the parapets, or simply hit them repeatedly until they die. Ultimately, you will fail, but you just might do it in an epic fashion.

The game can be downloaded as a standalone executable here.

The game is a .exe file, and so can only be played on Windows machines. No installation is required - the entire game exists within that single file.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know via e-mail.


Here are basic controls:

  • Arrow keys - Move left/right, and jump
  • Spacebar - Attack!